South Dekalb Mall SOLD!

If you live in Dekalb, you’ve probably visited the DMV in South Dekalb Mall at least once, and could agree that it definitely needs a face lift. Last week, South Dekalb Mall was auctioned off and a NY company, bought it for $19.3m.

South Dekalb Mall or Gallery at South Dekalb, opened up in 1968 off Candler Road in Panthersville about twenty minutes south of Decatur square. It also happens to be around the corner from my first listing!

The mall sits on 73 acres, and is currently only about a fifth occupied. Unlike the redevelopment at North Dekalb Mall, the new owners plan to keep the building and lease out the unused space. Personally, I think the space could be used in more creative ways, but I’m curious to see what will happen.

This is good news for the area, much more change is coming in the next five years and we will see prices skyrocket! Let me know if you’re interested in buying or selling some property!

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