Westside Park Will Officially Open this Friday (8/20)

Westside Park is finally having its official opening this Friday (8/20) at 10 AM after years of anticipation! This is very exciting, I’ll be there.
I suggest biking through the park summit overlooking the emergency city drinking water supply, riding through the paths adjacent to what will soon to be Microsoft’s Quarry Yards development, and playing fetch on lots of open green space, like Coco & I.
Westside is now the biggest park in Atlanta, second is Piedmont, then Grant Park, and Chastain. As I’ve touched on in previous articles, in my opinion this is the best area to long term invest in Atlanta. I would be surprised if in less than five years from now prices don’t appreciate two to five times over their current market value.
If you’re considering buying or selling a property in and around Atlanta or the Westside, in fact anywhere in the world, call 678-337-2227!

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