Ordinance Intended to Increase Housing Affordability Options in Atlanta Permanently Halted

Last month, I wrote about meeting Tim Keane, Atlanta City Planning Commissioner and the proposed ordinance which included policies to help stimulate affordable housing and other housing types in Atlanta. A few policies included:
  • Removing residential parking minimums from all zoning districts except R1-R3
  • Increasing height limitations over garages in R4B districts to create more flexible ADUs (accessory dwelling units)

A few days ago, it was permanently haulted. Councilmember Amir Farokhi who introduced the ordinance, tweeted after the meeting “In our City, we need more housing at all price points & in different sizes. More houses, townhomes, apartments/condos, ADUs, quadplexes, etc. None of that is incompatible w/ neighborhood beauty, character, or trees. It’s part of being a mature, thriving city. The challenges we face on housing & affordability will remain. So will the opportunity to improve our zoning to help Atlanta remain special and welcoming. I look forward to continuing to work on these issues in 2022. Hope you’ll join me.”.

I personally would like to see more housing types, these help to shape character of cities and help to provide other options for people to live.

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  1. Excellent blog, Ian! More inclusive, creative diversity is gallant quest. Go and make us so!!
    Make us all proud.

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