North Dekalb Mall SOLD

The iconic 1970’s mall was just bought by Edens to become a mixed use development! This is such a rare opportunity to revitalize an entire area, the mall has been half closed for a while and now mostly used as a filming location. In 2017 it was going to become a Costco which fell through, probably for the best even though I love Costco.
Edens’ Atlanta projects include Buckhead Marketplace, Toco Hills, Brookwood Village and more. I’m hoping it’ll become as successful! I really love the surrounding brick ranch homes on large lots that are extremely affordable for ITP ($300-400k), my prediction is skyrocketing values soon and huge improvements. I have sold a few homes in North Decatur this year and am also looking personally to move into one as well. The surrounding areas out to Tucker will continue to explode!

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