Chosewood Park’s New Development

About half a mile south of the Southside BeltLine and directly across the street from the US Penitentiary, two vacant buildings on 40 acres were just bought to be developed. The grand plans call for a whooping 2,000 multifamily units, over 150,000 sqft of commercial space, and a village center with food trucks, a small venue and more.

The old GM Fisher Body Plant was on this site from 1928-1990. GM was the main employer in the area for years, so when they closed up the area took a major blow and has just started to recover.

With many projects like these coming up, there is major potential to spur development and hopefully make it so everyone can enjoy the improvements in the area, particularly long time homeowners who have seen the many changes in the area through the years.

Personally, I’d like to see a grocery store or dedicated farmers market space with fresh produce in the next plans, currently there are no grocery stores nearby. What would you like to see there next?


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