New Short Term Rental Ordinance Update

Atlanta is a massive market for short term rentals for many more reasons. As you know, Atlanta is also well known for having quite the party scenes as well, with some of these parties getting out of hand and bothering neighbors of these STRs (short term rentals).

In March 2021, new ordinances were introduced and passed to regulate STRs: including (not limited to): a $150 annual fee, 8% tax fee and restrictions limiting rentals to an owner’s primary residence and one additional dwelling max. These were set to be enforced last month in March, 2022. However, Atlanta’s City Council just voted to suspend the rules until June 1st, about a month from now. 

Despite these new regulations there is – and will continue to be – a massive demand for STRs. The Police Department and City Planning will be responsible for enforcing the ordinance, which will also require owners to use a portal to post their Air B&Bs. which you can find here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this new policy.

If you’re interested in renting one of your properties short term or long term passively, please reach out to me about management. I’m committed to creating a win-win experience for property owners, short-term renters, and neighbors! large-house.jpg

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