Downtown East Point’s Revitalization “The Commons”

East Point‘s “The Commons” Makes its Debut

Yesterday, the City of East Point hosted a press conference to officially unveil their plans to the public, next steps and introduce the development team behind the highly anticipated new project, “The Commons“.

The Commons is a nine acre mixed use project to include commercial, retail, and residential properties with greenspace and public art. It’ll run north toward Downtown alongside Main St, which will boost the area’s walkability and appeal. There is already great community involvement with the project from neighbors and businesses. The Commons will bring over 1,500 jobs and a ton more fun things to do in the already happening East Point. (Click on photo for drone footage of current site)

In my opinion this is just what East Point needs to catch up with competing areas (like West End). I love the historic charm of the old homes and railroads, it’s also super convenient to Downtown and on the Marta line. I’ll bet that East Point’s appreciation will be similar to what Edgewood is today within just the next few years. Along with the East Point Exchange, Facebook and Microsoft spaces/datacenters, East Point has a very bright future ahead. This is my #1 place when advising my buy and hold investor clients and homeowners looking to build long term equity in their personal homes. The project’s budget is $111m.

Shout out to Sonya and Courtland who bought an amazing house near downtown East Point a few months ago!

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