Atlanta Retail Market Update

In the second quarter of 2021, Atlanta hit an all time high in retail investment activity! We’re outperforming other similar markets, particularly in neighborhood centers. People are going out and spending more money than pre-pandemic levels, our population is growing rapidly and many companies are rushing to relocate here. If you’ve been reading my articles, you know that finding a property in Atlanta is challenging. The same goes for retail spaces which are getting many more bids than they were previously!
Why does this matter to you? Most of the time, more money is a good thing. Wages are rising in Atlanta (not nearly as fast as home prices, but I’ll save that for another article), generally that correlates with a higher quality of life and more amenities. For example, Publix is currently building over 12 new locations in/around Atlanta!
However, with construction costs, inflation and other factors, we will still face challenges for at least another year or two. But, we are in incredible shape overall as a city and are on pace to continue to prosper!

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