Atlanta’s Urban Agriculture Movement

I love food and all aspects of it. From growing, cooking, and most of all eating. This week, instead of writing about a new restaurant opening up, I wanted to discuss where our food comes from and the future of it.

“Urban agriculture includes production, distribution and marketing of food and other products within the cores of metropolitan areas and at their edges.” In lots of areas in the city, there are food deserts and underutilized space for food to be grown and sold. There are lots of foundations here in Atlanta with missions of bringing food back into communities by making underutilized land available through urban agriculture, like AgLanta and Truly Living Well.

Urban agriculture can not only create many jobs and stimulate local economies, but also help to bring fresh, clean and local food supply to people. This is something I’m passionate about and would like to share. Fresh food tastes better after all.

I can imagine there being more rooftop gardens, greenwalls, beekeeping colonies, aquaponic centers and much more around Atlanta in the future. There are so many benefits!

If you’d like to become involved and learn more, check out AgLanta’s upcoming events.

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