Millennials in the Market and What it Means

From what I’ve been experiencing in the market, more Millennials, Gen-Z and younger buyers are getting in line to purchase their first homes. Currently at 38%, Millennials (adults born from 1981 to 1996) represent the largest share of home buyers in the U.S.. However, at 48%, Millennials have the lowest homeownership rates of any other generation. (For comparison, Gen-X’s homeownership rate is 69%, while 78% of Baby Boomers and 79% of the Silent Generation own their home).
Why does this matter? Well, homeownership in the US has been on a decline, especially in younger generations, up until now. From what I see currently in Atlanta, new buyers are taking advantage of first time buyer loan programs along with low interest rates, allowing sellers to use their equity to buy up – which in turn carries up across all price points. This is only one of several reasons why the market is extremely hot.
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Next week I’ll discuss the history of homeownership. Victoria Lemos talks about this in her awesome podcast, Archive Atlanta. Check the 20 minute episode out here.

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