Brief Atlanta Market Forecast for 2021

I believe the market will continue to stay hot, and Atlanta will be in for a wild, wild Spring by the way things seem to be headed. We are consistently ranked among the highest cities in the nation for growth year after year. With all the exciting projects coming up, an excellent quality of life, and our city’s rich history, it’s no secret people are rushing to invest, move, and grow with the city. Our housing shortage, even in the rental market is not easing up any. In Atlanta, the luxury market is exploding, condos are still stable as they were last year, and single family homes are the hottest commodity, with rates so low and investors dropping big money here, prices will rise rapidly for the foreseeable future.
  • Atlanta is ranked #1 for the largest growing tech markets (in the nation)2,915 Atlanta Skyline Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock
  • Atlanta is ranked #1 for film production
  • Atlanta is ranked #3 in fastest growing population
  • Mortgage rates to remain around 2.8%-3.4%

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